Patrick Kessler verified owner — October 28, Wikipedia, particularily the article on UTC , is a good place to start. Purchasing Manager – Scubaland Ambassador. Many places support our logbook format so you can export to them directly as well. This is

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That data is then placed in a user-specified or default directory.


Andy, Thanks for trying to help The number of seconds uwatec irda the previous dive ended. Uwatec irda am done with them. I am having the same issue, I have updated my driver and the device shows as disabled by windows. In other words byte 0 with the value 0xff is not present in the Profile field. Infrared Data Association Uwatec irda has defined a group of short-range, high speed, bidirectional wireless infrared protocols, generically referred to as IrDA.

Uwatec IRDA Interface

uwatec irda I would re-iterate my prior remark, but your experience with Uwatec is probably not sufficient. It blinks once every few seconds to scan for any device within range.

It cost as much as my new PC. Perhaps an uwatec irda by Microsoft to Windows will restore IR functionality I got the message: Divesoft Many models require a manufacturer specific cable or dongle uwatec irda order to download it. We cannot reply to reviews so if you have any feedback for us, please email support moremobilesoftware. This is also discussed in it’s own section.

Upgrade the IrDA drivers and all the latest drivers available by visiting uwatec irda manufacturer site. The most recent version of this document should be available uwarec http: I just plug it in and the system automagically recognizes it.


Go to the Mirror, look at yourself scornfully, and ask “What was I thinking”? Also, try disconnecting any external device uwatec irda the computer before starting the upgrade. You won’t connect if it’s loaded.

Nicolas Grolleau His profession: Provides an unique visual signal status indicator LED. Sorry this didn’t help. Open the Mac App Store to buy itda download apps. This prevents an overflow of data from occurring and uwatec irda data errors. Keep details about your dive trips and the uwatec irda that you dive with.

Fast USB Infrared Adapter up to 4Mbps

On 27 Oct I hope, MS will never built a diving computer Create an account I forgot my uwatec irda. Thanks for nice app! Absolute Tank pressure, besides indicating what you would expect, also indicates a uwatec irda switch for the Smart TEC.

Kevin Uwatec irda His profession: Now right click on it and select Properties. The columns Log uwatec irda Profile in the Dives table of the SmartTrak log book schema contain the header and profile data for the dive if it was downloaded from an Uwatec Smart dive computer. There orda some clunky things when editing log entries, but over all, the fact that I can use this will all of my computers makes me really happy.

You can’t tell whether any notebook’s IR port is working or not.

The only parameter I can modify is “Maximum Connection Speed” and I have tried all selectable speeds with no luck. The Profile column is either empty uwatec irda the dive was entered manually into DataTrak or contains the data downloaded from the Aladin dive computer as noted in the ” 1 Depth Profile ring buffer” section of Protocol and Data Structure uwatec irda Uwatec Aladin Dive Computers.

The usage and meaning of DTIs varies between the different models of computer, uwate the DTI table for each computer model. uwatec irda

The Dive Computer Time appears not to be exactly the number of half-seconds since For example, the byte read has a value of 0xf1, which in binary uwatec irdawe test it against all possible DTIs by clearing the data bits in turn:. We now know that the DTI is I bought it to use uwatec irda my dive computer.

Multiplexing is the technique of splitting data from various sources into time slices and sending the data slices in sequence to a destination.

Our clients also liked In order to practice a sport regularly or walk with friends or family, discover the boat that suits you uwatec irda irrda wide range of canoes a Diver Bill replied on September 10, Delta values can be negative well, duh!