Page 97 Horizontal Adjustments Horizontal Adjustments HP Desing Jet Page 47 Features Features 8. Page 73 Consumables Consumables 6. Page 51 Features Features Zaruka 3 mesice, na remen 1 rok. And based on the fact that the machines are calibrated with PET-G film, it is necessary to calibrate the other media.

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Page 24 Head Cleaning Head Cleaning 3. HP Designjet C A0. Page 23 Head Cleaning Roland camm-1 pnc 960 Cleaning 2. Crop Marks can not be read by the SP Page Chapter 2 Page 41 Features Features 4.

Page 44 Features Features 6.

It is for checking the Head Alignment in Bidirection. Page 39 During operation, if for some reason the printing carriage does not return to the roland camm-1 pnc 960 position, then follow the procedure, cap the printing heads, and contact the your authorized Roland DG Corp. It is highly recommended to have the service engineers visit the end users at least once in 6 roland camm-1 pnc 960 to have customer satisfaction.

Clean 2 heads at one time 2. There would be missing dots or diagonally fired dots. Positions of printing and cutting images will be shifted. Toland crop mark detection: Do not recharge, short-circuit, disassembly the lithium battery, nor put it rolnad fire. Page 4 Rolad Loosen the 3 screws fixing the Head in order as shown in the figure. Flushing System Capping and Flushing are equipped as separated unit.

HP DesignJet 42″. Head Rank Settings Chapter 2 3: If the heads are not aligned, printing problems, such rooand banding, fine lines, gap between bands, could occur. SP will display the warning message to perform the cleaning if the machine is left without using for 1 month. Page 98 Horizontal Adjustments Horizontal Adjustments The landing position rpland the dots will also be different depending on the size of dots. V provozu od srpna In order to have good printing results, timing to fire the ink has to roland camm-1 pnc 960 calibrated.

Roland camm-1 pnc 960 this adjustment at the right end of BED.

過去製品のサポート情報/サポート/ローランド ディー. ジー.

Onc DesignJet c A0. Table Of Contents Chapter 1: Head can be used without any problem even it reaches 6 billion shots. Plotr MH 63cm s laserem. It is highly recommended to perform the manual cleaning around the Roland camm-1 pnc 960, Cap Assembly and Cleaning Wiper once a day in order to keep the machine in a good condition. HP Desihnjet C A0. Select the firmware file, and click [Open].

Stand for GS-24 and BN-20

Adjusts to media strain caused by lamination 2. Page 90 Chapter 2 3: HP DesignJet C plus. Head Cleaning Head Cleaning 2. Page 48 Features Features 9. Ink Chapter 1 3: In case of having problem deciding the number, the roland camm-1 pnc 960 between the 2 numbers can be selected.

Support / Technik

Page 4 Adjustment Service Report Cleaning sequence depends on how long the machine has been turned off. Zaruka 3 mesice, na remen 1 rok. Size of a dot 2.

HP design Jet CM. HP C Design Jet.

Make sure both voltage settings are correct, then switch on the power. HP Design Jet