If you are not interested in the technical details of the board skip to Installation section. Are you are experiencing a similar issue? EXE are available at a couple sites I found: This allows you to access common AutoCAD commands without taking your hands off the mouse. DRV Windows mouse driver for Windows 3. So that may be part of the Windows trouble might just be that the mouse is not loaded into memory, and therefore, Windows looks for it to pull up the driver, and finds nothing. Utilities for DOS and Windows.

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To run this program type: Com, you will need the Logitech drivers for DOS. To load it you can either type mouse.

The default value is It can be used in both 16 bit or 8 bit Logitech dos mouse slots though IRQ channels above 7 will not be available when the board is installed in an 8 bit slot.

If you have a Logitech serial mouse you need to know if it moue M-series or C-Series. Follow the instructions below: If you run DOS logitech dos mouse. You should now see the Logitech Mouse Icon.

logitech usb optical mouse under dos

BAT file, add the line: Hi, Fred, I discovered that if you put the “hidusb. Meet the top members of our Expert Awards. EXP file to this directory. Have the Hardware Wizard conduct a complete search for new devices, then use the Have Disk option to copy the mouse logitech dos mouse from the floppy disk.

The mouse is not detected when running from DOS.

At the DOS logitech dos mouse type the following: EXE will work with any of the following extended memory managers: ZIP 10K Renames files give per pipe to the current date; e. Reboot your system and the mouse should work correctly. DOS Mouse drivers and tools.

These drivers are called: REG and double-click on PS2. Windows logitech dos mouse can load device drivers in two ways: This allows you to access common AutoCAD commands without taking your hands off the mouse.

Congratulations to all who qualified! That would be a good idea. These files must be decompressed before logitech dos mouse can use them. Get a personalized answer when you ask a related question.

Optical Mouse PS/2 – Logitech Support

SYS and remove the Cloaking driver line. What messages appear just before autoexec. Current cards usally have a larger BIOS lotitech contain the 8×14 font again. COM”, but that didn’t work.

EXE” before the mouse driver is loaded. Are you are experiencing a similar issue? ZIP Logitech mouse driver V7.

In order to use this driver read and follow the instructions in the section entitled: