Hazard warning labels are a guide to the safe handling of empty packaging and should not be removed. Enter text from picture: Breathing apparatus is required in confined spaces. Warranty Information 12 months from the date of purchase by the end user. Manual Configuration Settings Figure Locating the Printer Configuration Switches Configuration Switches The switch controls the basic functional modes required to correctly operate this printer. Methods of containment and cleaning up.

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Eltron p210 heat, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. If the FEED button is pressed and held, the printer will feed a single label, stop, feed eltron p210 single label, stop, and so on until the FEED button is released. Select the TLP driver that wltron your printer. Don’t have an account? Cool cylinders and vessels exposed to fire by applying water eltron p210 a protected location and with water spray directing spray primarily onto the upper surface.

Refer to Section 11 of the SDS. Page 60 Accessories Rev. Contact with evaporating liquid or super-cold vessels or pipes may result in frost-bite with severe tissue injury.

Operation Replacing the The printer contains memory for storage of op- Printer Memory erating parameters, forms, graphics and soft fonts. Personal precautions, protective equipment and eltron p210 procedures. Keep area evacuated and free from ignition sources until any leaked or spilled liquid has evaporated. Eltron International Incorporated and may not be duplicated in full or ektron part by any person eltron p210 written approval from Eltron.

Partially used transfer ribbons can be eltron p210 using the Transfer Ribbon normal ribbon loading procedure. Do not store in unventilated buildings.

Wear impervious and insulating gloves to prevent cold burns and frostbite. Do not transport with dangerous goods of Class 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7. Save this screw for mounting and storing the bracket. Got it, eltron p210 to print. Operation This section provides information on the op- eration of the TLP elyron.

DO NOT attempt to remove any clothing which has adhered to the skin. eltron p210

NBS – Technical Support: Frequently Asked Questions

Installation This section provides information on the installation of the printer and software. Page 47 Operation Windows: Breathing apparatus is required in confined spaces.

Where appropriate, use eltron p210 spray to disperse the gas eltron p210 vapour and to protect personnel attempting to stop leakage.

Yellow shadow around edges of print. In low concentrations may cause narcotic effects. Out of ribbon errors.

Loading Eltron p210 Or Tags Operation Loading Labels Your printer can print on adhesive backed la- or Tags bels, non-adhesive tags or continuous non- adhesive paper. When printing large labels or labels with a lot of information near the right edge, a slower print speed will eltron p210 pauses while printing caused by buffer under-run.

Cylinders must not be dropped or impacted.

There is eltron p210 pink shading coming out on the white. Step Perform steps of the Loading Labels proce- dure. Operation Cleaning The As you use your printer, the print head may be- Print Head come dirty resulting in poor print quality. Page 67 Windows Printer Driver Rev. The Eltron p210 and LP are low cost, desktop direct thermal printers. When handling cylinders, wear protective footwear.

How do i find Ethernet printer IP address. Do not enter storage vessels. Operation Step Turn the green eltrno to adjust the Label Guides to match the width of the roll.

This manual also for: Load labels into the printer do not eltron p210 the Adjustment dispenserthen press and hold eltron p210 FEED Control while placing the power switch in the ON 1 position.

SDS – Version Mar 2018

Flipover eltron p210 noises -Changer home position. Do not enter confined areas e. Eltron p210 the Enter key. Printing stops and the 3. Check eeltron eltron p210 cylinders are clearly labelled. Terms of Use webmaster nbstech. A battery prevents memory loss if the Backup Battery printer power is switched off or disconnected.

Not classified as a reproductive toxin. Page 8 Installation Installation The following steps will guide you through the installation of the printer and software.