To get the other two caps you’ll need, I’ve done a parametric search and I’ve come up with these two:. I then spent a couple of weeks attempting to contact the company to set up an exchange, both via their e-mail and the phone number listed on their website, and I never got a response of any kind, despite the “we respond within 24 hours” notice on the website. It worked for me on both monitors! You can see in the second photo that the right edge looking at it right-side up and from the back of the raised box which I’m very creatively calling “the box” from here on out is not taped. Connectivity Analog Video Input Connector. The pictures here show the caps you’ll likely need to replace along the right side of the board , what a blown cap looks like, and what the cap markings on the board mean.

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Wish I’d done that.

Acer X 193W 19″ Widescreen LCD Monitor

Similarly, we spotted a little ghosting in fast-paced scenes, but it wasn’t much of an issue. Glad you liked it, and best of luck with your monitor. Cut another piece the length of the side of the box, x19w cut that acer x193w lcd monitor half lengthwise. Slide the control board into its slot on the back panel.

Repairing an Acer X193W+ LCD Monitor

Still kickin’ it after 40 years! If you can afford the price tag, it is well worth the money. Again, work your way along the edge. moniitor

Use a piece for each of acer x193w lcd monitor long sides to tape those edges down. There was no noise evident on the moire patterns, and uniformity was great across the whole display. Next, you want to look at the capacitance and voltage, then rated temperature degrees C or better afer the case of all of thesethen mounting type radial, through-holethen for a place like Acer x193w lcd monitor what’s in stock and minimum quantity you have to purchase, then ESR and life rating.

The dynamic contrast ratio of Aestheticaly the XW is d193w plain. Only used a handful of times. Contrast was great with good detail in dark areas and no stepping, and colours were bright and vivid.

It has a resolution of x, which is large enough to stack two word documents or Web pages side by side without any overlap. Leave the covers on and the screws in place. I hope I don’t even need this step, but just in case Great picture quality, size and response time. Pros Vivid colours, great contrast. To get the other two caps you’ll need, I’ve done a parametric search and Acer x193w lcd monitor come up with these two:. It’s located on the back of the monitor, near acer x193w lcd monitor bottom and centered right to left.

Would totally buy another one if I had the space.

Are you a human?

I found that a fairly large-bladed screwdriver, inserted in the crease along the edge and twisted, did a good job of popping apart the little clips holding the panels together. Once you’ve opened a gap, you can use a second screwdriver to hold open the gap, monitorr my approach jam a finger in the gap and endure the pinching pain. Acer x193w lcd monitor, gently un-stick the bottom ribbon cable from monigor back of the monitor.

Seriously, carefully put the power board back in place, lining up the 8-pin connector first and angling the kcd board down and in.

The lead spacing doesn’t really matter, as they bend. The VGA signal connector of this Acer inch monitor offers improved performance and enhanced picture quality analog signals. Carefully feed the tape under the side acer x193w lcd monitor and tape down the short side of the aced. The only thing keeping the power board from being free is an 8-pin “intra-board connector” my term – don’t know what it’s really called that you can see in the fifth and sixth pictures. Because it looked minitor what was there originally.

I apologize that some of qcer photos are a bit blurry or partially obscured by my gigantic paws, but I was actually acer x193w lcd monitor photos to help with re-assembly, then thought about doing an Instructable quite far into the process. Give it a very gentle pull to make sure it’s secure. Touch screen visibility and operation was great and easy to navigate.

Here’s one of those things I thought of after it was too late that’ll help you later.